Cool Cities Designation


In June 2004 the East Hills Council of Neighbors was selected by the State of Michigan as one of the first Cool Cities Initiative sites for the Uptown Revitalization Catalyst Project. This $100,000 initiative awarded $50,000 toward the $1.1 million East Hills Center (of the Universe) as the catalyst project. An additional $30,000 was earmarked for an Uptown Facade Improvement Program. The remaining $20,000 was slated for an Uptown Wayfinding Program to enhance the identity of the area.


The Uptown Façade Improvement grant program leveraged Cool City and CDBG grant funds of $42,500 for a total investment of $162,666. Wayfinding efforts include developing a unified image building plan to enhance the identity of the Uptown area. The Wayfinding Program also included street banners and signage as well as Uptown branded bike racks.